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Riihimäen Ritema Ltd is a metal industry subcontractor specializing in short-run production. Ritema was established in 1997. The main products include metal plate and tubular components. Other products include: shop fittings, solutions for commercial vehicles, tubular furniture, construction equipment and surface treatment.

Riihimäen Ritema Oy is a Finnish family-owned company. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers from design consultation, through engineering to final delivery. Versatility, flexibility and delivery accuracy are our most important customer promises. Ritema employs over 30 metalworking professionals.

Quality Management System

Riihimäen Ritema Ltd has certified Quality (ISO 9001) and Environmental (ISO 14 001) management system.

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Quality and Enviromental Policy

The objective of Riihimäki Ritema Oy is to produce thin plate and thin wall tube components as per customer requirements and to support customers product development. Our most important pledges to our customers are versatility, flexibility and delivery precision.

This calls for us to:
  • Understand our customers’ needs and -processes
  • Keep up all-round know-how of our employees
  • Sustainable development
  • Produce effectively quality products

Our management is committed to following legal requirements, creating those requirements which enable us to reach our targets and looking after our staff welfare at work. Riteman key environmental aspects are energy consumption, use of raw materials and the generation of waste. Our environmental goals are energy and material efficiency and reducing the amount of waste. Every member of our staff is aware of our targets and the ways in which we work. Together we are committed to delivering products manufactured to our customer requirements, to develop our operations in a more effective and competitive manner and to look after our environment and social well-being.

The company's management is based on facts and process-oriented thinking. Ritema undertakes all its activities this quality and environmental policy.

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  • Services

    • We manufacture versatile products from metal plate and tubes. Versatility in production and multi skills personnel guarantee flexible deliveries and cost-effective products. The design service supports our customers' product development.

      Sheet Plates

      • Laser, BySprint Fiber
      • Laser and punching machine, Finnpower LPE5
      • Plate benders, max size 2500x80
      • Material thickness 0,75 - 15mm

    • Tubes

      • 5-axel CNC pipe bender
      • Automatic and manual saws
      • Drills

    • Machinery

      • CNC turning center
      • Machining center

    • Welding

      • Tig, Mig and Robot

    • Powder Painting

      • The maximum product size 3600x1500x700

    • Other services

      • Assembly
      • Special packaging
      • Small-scale storage

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Riihimäen Ritema Oy
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